Alfred Pang’s Testimonial

ThePhoenix Alfred Pang Testimonial

Good Afternoon, Mr Yong
Thank you for your enthusiastic and informative lectures since last Tuesday evening. Last Saturday’s lecture was most fruitful and largely completed the knowledge of the Phoenix application tools.
My subsequent tinkering of the indicators using a demo account was not the overwhelming type exclaimed in the main chat group, probably the “preparation work” was missing and need some advice on this. As a novice in Forex trading, the system has provided me a door to it with certain amount of confidence.
To conclude, I am still practising using a demo account how ThePhoenix System can help me achieve consistent results.

Alfred B. Pang

Angie Tan’s Testimonial

ThePhoenix Angie Tan Image

Thanks Mr Yong and all the coaches for the full day Phoenix workshop on 2 Dec. it’s an eye opening for me. Really amazed by the unique powerful Phoenix system that provide the path for traders to go alongside the Market Heavyweights & profit in the market.

Angie Tan