ThePhoenix™ Live Workshop

Anything and everything there is to learn to proficiently utilise ThePhoenix™ System will be delivered via two channels. One of which is our ThePhoenix™ Live Workshop. Currently only available in Asia, the workshop syllabus is divided into extensively comprehensive modules and taught by our one of our ThePhoenix™ Speakers. The workshop teachings will be based primarily on the Forex market.

Workshop schedule includes One Full day of lessons held on a weekend. This will be followed by a Half-Day session where ThePhoenix™ Speaker will use a real Live trading account to guide the attendees in a Live Trade session.

On full completion of ThePhoenix™ Workshop, users will receive 2 months free access to ThePhoenix™_FX. Subsequent usage of ThePhoenix™ System will be subscription based.

Before subscribing for any other indicators under ThePhoenix™ System, users must first attend the relevant market workshops for competency training. These workshops attendance are free and subject to scheduling availability as decided by PGL Oriental Holdings management.

For continuous and additional learning, users can look forward to ThePhoenix™ System User Support.